Media Com Sys is a bridge between business owners and consumers. Our main goal is to provide latest and best state of the art technologies to introduce the business to their consumers. Media Com Sys is developing products for “Media & Advertising”, “Search Engine Optimization ” , “Search Engine Marketing”,”Telecom Billing Validation and Online Bill Pay for residential and small business customers”.

Digital Media & Advertising Ad insertion in videos / movies / TV episodes

web-servicesWith so many players striving for a share of the local business wallet, you have to transform yourself into a world-class digital organization that connects local businesses with their target audience. Drawing from our unparalleled level of industry experience, global best practices and operational capabilities, we help you determine the most effective road map for your organization.

Clear vision of a digital world-class enterprise and a pragmatic tailored road map with a comprehensive suite of products. Media Com Sys provides Search engine optimization, Digital advertisement and many more ways to reach target audiences.

The “Media Com Sys” portfolio is a comprehensive array of business and operational solutions and services that enable innovation, leadership and profitability in the digital world.

Our solutions facilitate a smooth cost-effective digital media-centric operation from selling ads to providing a wide range of marketing value-added services including:

  • Product life cycle management
  • Ad network management and monetization
  • Inserting ads in between TV episodes, YouTube videos etc.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Billing
Telecom Action & Bill Pay

web-servicesMedia Com Sys is striving hard to deliver tomorrow’s technology today with latest technologies like Bigdata / Hadoop , SalesForce CRM and for highly efficient LTE and 4G networks.

At the same time, this exploding demand for data is challenging your ability to monetize data consumption optimally and efficiently.

Our Telecom Billing and Online Bill Pay products offer our consumers to pay the bills online , generate PDF bills and validate the bills for each minute consumed. For– postpaid, prepaid phones and deliver “Real time Data” means, you can see your usage and bill after you hang up the phone and refresh the screen on your bill payment window.

The “Media Com Sys – Telecom Charging & Billing and Online Bill Pay” is based on “Real time Data – Big data / Hadoop / SalesForce with Java / J2EE ”

  • Serivice providers can build affordable charging and billing system that suits their specific needs .
  • single real-time charging architecture to support prepaid-postpaid and wireline-wireless with a single set of integrated products.
  • Tested by Best QA team, Automation testing and Performance testing team.
  • Researched on many other companies products and found what kind of bugs they have and avoided those bugs in our product.
  • Delivers real-time charging and scalability in a single carrier-grade solution